Day 3

21-24 September

09.30 – 10.00

Welcome and registration

10.00 – 11.00

Plenary session: keynote

11.00 – 12.30

Parallel sessions 

Sc 3.1

Mitigation of Antibiotic Resistance spreading

Sc 3.2

PFAS in Water: how to treat and destroy Forever Chemicals?

Sc 3.3

Artificial Intelligence in Water Technology 

Sc 3.4

Applied  Science:The Micropollutant Challenge

Bu 3.5

Pitch presentation Wetskills teams

The Wetskills Water Challenge is a two-weeks pressure-cooker programme for students and young professionals with a passion for water. To find innovative and out-of-the-box solutions for water challenges in a changing world. At the EWTW2020 each team will pitch their solution for the water related study cases they’ve worked on. After the Q&A with the jury and public the teams will be present for further questions at the poster market. The winning team will be announced at the awarding ceremony.

Bu 3.6

Circular Water and Recourses, where are the challenges?

Circular is the future, but which are the challenges you will come across? From technic to microbiologically, from process to the question: What is the required quality of (potable) water?’

Bu 3.7

Water tech in Southern Europe

Fact & figures, challenges & opportunities for the water tech sector in Southern Europe.

12.30 – 14.00 

Lunch and visit tradeshow Water Tech Europe


WaterMatch2020 allows you to meet with people that are really of interest to you. Set meetings in advance with companies and people that could help your business grow or to further develop your innovative idea. Make sure you go home after EWTW2020 with a business or research deal in your pocket. Register today.

14.00 – 15.30

Plenary session

  • Wetskills Finals
  • Connecting Global Water Tech Hubs
  • Connecting Dutch innovations

15.30 – 17.00

Parallel sessions

Bu 4.1

The true value of water

The value and price for clean(ing) water for consumers and industry has to go up in order to prepare for the water challenges of the future.
Water as a resource has been abundant in Northern Europe for many years, however we are facing droughts in summer, more and more demand of ground- and surface water and contamination with micro pollutants. Both the public and the industry take clean water at a low price for granted.
During the session, an overview is presented of the price of clean(ing) water in Europe, giving insight into the current monetary value of water. The subsequent key note speaker sets the tone on how we insufficiently value water and take it for granted. There is often insufficient economic incentive for water users to save or re-use water. The last two speakers present their experience and initiatives in realizing projects and what is needed for the future.

Bu 4.2

EU clusters best practices: Success stories and current opportunities to create value for European companies

Different leading EU water clusters will show their most successful business support services with which they support European companies. In this session you can learn from experienced clusters’ most innovative and successful matchmaking, networking and other business development activities.
Clusters are invited to submit their innovative and successful business support service to have a chance to present during this session.
Target audience: Clusters and SMEs

Bu 4.3

EU programmes bring tangible opportunities for SMEs

SMEs know the EU mostly for its subsidies and regulation. However, the EU has initiated various programmes that create tangible opportunities both within Europe as in other continents for EU based SMEs. This session will highlight a few of them; you will learn from your peer-entrepreneurs how you can benefit from the EU programmes. Where possible this session will shed some light on the initiatives under the upcoming Horizon Europe programme. Target audience: EU based SMEs

Bu 4.4

Water technology for resilient cities

Climate change is forcing cities to adapt and deal with extremes such as peak showers, drought, floods and groundwater fluctuation. Nowadays, there are more and more watertech innovations brought onto the market that can provide answers to making cities more resilient. By further developing innovative water solutions, cities and their inhabitants all over the world are given tools to balance their future water management. It also opens a dialogue for sustainable water management in and around cities. At the same time, we must find an answer to the global question of where the responsibility lies and who is in the lead to keep our cities smart and liveable.

Bu 4.5

The influence of water quality on cooling (water) systems

The influence of water quality on cooling (water) systems (Envaqua/TKI session, Jantienne) In this session, the danger of Legionella in biological open wastewater treatment is discussed, as well as the revision of the European BAT / BREF lists for cooling (water) systems. This list has not been updated since 2001, which results in new technology becoming less preferred than older methods. Target group: owners of sewage treatment plants and cooling towers, or people with a need to purify waste water and cooling water.

Bu 4.6

Applied Science: Human Capital for Innovation on Agriculture, Water and Food


Drinks and buffet hosted by Water Alliance at trade show Water Tech Europe